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The Intuitive Geometry method is the 8 principles for drawing and designing with overlapping circles: Circle, Square, Triangle, Hexagon, Pentagon, Spirals, Waves, and Scaling. The workbook is 70 pages with step by step instructions for the method, and 10 examples. The paperback book is available from your local book store or Amazon: Intuitive Geometry – Drawing with overlapping circles – Workbook Paperback ISBN 978-0-620-80502-5

Buy the printable e-book available here: E-Book ISBN 978-0-620-80503-2

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Intuitive Geometry – Drawing with overlapping circles Books

Intuitive Geometry(the method, examples, and art)
Paperback ISBN 978-1-928538-98-1, E-Book ISBN 978-1-928538-99-8
Workbook (the method and examples)
Paperback ISBN 978-0-620-80502-5, E-Book ISBN 978-0-620-80503-2

Coloring Book Paperback ISBN 978-1-998980-57-4, E-Book ISBN 978-1-998980-58-1
Notebook Paperback ISBN 978-1-998980-67-3, E-Book ISBN 978-1-998980-68-0
Coloring Notebook Paperback ISBN 978-1-998980-69-7, E-Book ISBN 978-1-998980-70-3
Journal Paperback ISBN 978-1-998980-63-5, E-Book ISBN 978-1-998980-64-2
Coloring Journal Paperback ISBN 978-1-998980-65-9, E-Book ISBN 978-1-998980-66-6


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