Circle Models Images and Vector files for sale


The Circle Models design includes a few Fundamental geometric patterns. Patterns like these describe the same basic geometric structure underlying everything, it scales to any size, growing like a fractal. It includes circle models such as the flower of life, the Seed of Life, Yin-Yang, Sacred Geometry, overlapping circles grid, Sunflower Geometry & six-petal rosette.

Circle Models design Images, PDF & EPS will be available for download once your purchase is complete. Please see our current payment options.

Please note that the images are for personal, non-commercial use only such as wall art, gift cards, coloring, teaching aids etc. For any other purpose you may submit a request. You will have access to the files through your account and they can be downloaded as many times as you need. The zip files currently include: Poster Images (300dpi JPG), Poster PDFs (A2, CMYK with and without bleed), Poster EPS, JPG Images 300x300mm small (72dpi) and large (300dpi).