Intuitive Geometry is a simple method of drawing anything using overlapping circles. Once you master the method’s 8 principles (circle, square, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, spirals, waves, scaling) you can apply them intuitively and draw anything.

Intuitive Geometry Scaling Method Icons

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Scaling Step by Step Instructions

Intuitive Geometry Scaling Fig 1

At any point draw a circle of any size. Find any point on the circumference and draw a circle with the same radius (AB). Continue around drawing a circle at any new intersection on the circumference and you will create 6 divisions.

Intuitive Geometry Scaling Fig 2

Connect A & B, extend the line to find D and mark it.
With centre A & radius AD draw a circle twice the size of the first one.

Intuitive Geometry Scaling Fig 3

Find E. Connect C & E to find F. With centre A and radius AF draw a circle half the size of the first one. Draw a circle with centre F & radius FB.

Intuitive Geometry Scaling Fig 4

Find, Mark and connect G & H. Find & mark I. Draw a circle with centre I & radius IF. You can continue this method indefinitely.

How does it work

Overlapping Circles

Overlapping Circles Grid showing how Intuitive Geometry works

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