Intuitive Geometry is a simple method of drawing anything using basic geometric shapes & patterns- with step by step instructions to draw them yourself using only a pencil, compass and ruler. You do not need any training in art or mathematics to use it and it can be taught to children.

Along with all kinds of other designs this Intuitive Geometry series is available in the shop as an e-book, an A4 print ready workbook and print ready posters

Triangle Fig 1

Draw any finite line. Find and mark AB. Draw two circles with the same radius on A & B. Find C. Connect AC and CB.
You have drawn an equilateral triangle.

Triangle Fig 2

Find D and mark it. Using radius AB draw a new circle with centres D. Find E & F, mark them.
Extend CA to E and CB to F. You have drawn an equilateral triangle double the size.

Triangle Fig 3

Using radius AB draw two a new circle with centre C. Find and mark H, I and G.
CONNECT CID. You have drawn an equilateral triangle.

Triangle Fig 4

Connect I &A, A &C and A & D. You have drawn a 3D Tetrahedron.

Triangle Fig 5

Connect GEB. You have created a star tetrahedron.

Triangle Fig 6

Draw a new circle Radius AB with centre E. Connect C, B, D, E, I and G to form a hexagon.
You have drawn an octahedron: eight equilateral triangles, four of which meet at each vertex.

Triangle Fig 7

Find and mark J, K, L, M, N and O. Connect JLN, Connect KOM.
You have drawn a Cuboctehedron, also known as “The vector equilibrium”, “The Singularity” etc.

How does it work

Overlapping Circles

Overlapping Circles Grid showing how Intuitive Geometry works


The Tetrahedron Matrix

Triangle Fig 8

The 64 Tetrahedron matrix is centered by the Cuboctrahedron (the vector equilibrium, “the singularity”, the “seed of life”).
This is a fundamental geometric pattern of matter, it scales to any size, like a fractal, growing in octaves.

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