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Nathalie Strassburg (DOB 12 Nov 1979, South Africa) is a joyful designer, artist, gardener, and human transformation enthusiast. She is trained in art, digital design, marketing, NLP, Life Coaching and has more than 20 years of freelance design experience specializing in branding. Around 2011 she felt she wanted to do more than just commercial design but was not sure how to go about it. She had a vision that inspired her to start drawing and studying again – Intuitive Geometry is one of the outcomes of this incredible journey. Once you master the method’s 8 principles you can apply them intuitively and draw anything. Nathalie is passionate about self-realization and inner peace. She has traveled extensively and currently lives in South Africa growing a food forest.

Overlapping circles

Overlapping circles have been studied since ancient times. Philosophers knew that two overlapping circles create the almond shape called the Vesica Pisces from which you can make a triangle, square and pentagon. Overlapping circle patterns like The Flower of Life have long been considered significant but here these elements come together to form a method to draw and design. A simple, precise and fast method.

Learn Online

You can learn the Intuitive Geometry method for free online: Circle, Square, Triangle, Hexagon, Pentagon, Spirals, Waves and Scaling. You can purchase the Intuitive Geometry ebook, workbook and posters online. There are drawing examples available online to inspire you to use the method and other designs are available in the shop and new products are loaded every month. Custom file variations, designs, graphic elements, illustrations, posters etc. are available.

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